Winter tires mandatory: remember, the date has changed!

For more than 10 years, Quebeckers have had to put winter tires on their cars during the cold season.

That said, the deadline to have your winter tires installed has changed in 2019 and some people still don’t seem to know! We remind you that the deadline is now set for December 1, and not December 15 as was the case previously.

Winter tires must then remain in place until March 15 inclusively, after which it will be legal to switch back to summer tires.

Remember that these dates represent limits established by law, and not a suggestion. Rather, it is advisable to have winter tires installed on your car at the end of October and not to have them removed before the end of April.

Remember that winter often comes sneakily. And in the spring, when you think the snow is finally behind us, Mother Nature often has one last storm up her sleeve!

In video: time to think about winter tires

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