Sylvie Léonard: endearing, but tiring, in “Camera Café”

The farewell to her earthy Madeleine from “Lâcher prize” now complete, Sylvie Léonard is ready to tackle another comic challenge. This one bears the name of Francine, and will be one of the pivotal characters of the new version of “Camera Café” next winter at TVA.

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Alongside Anne-Élisabeth Bossé, Didier Lucien, Marie-Soleil Dion, José Gaudet and other comic talents, Sylvie Léonard will slip into the skin of this “super sympathetic, but not endurable” woman, a thousand miles from Madeleine from “Lâcher prize” or Sylvie from “A guy, a girl”.

“It’s a different style of Madame, laughs the actress. She is a woman in her late fifties, early sixties, very, very dynamic, but not very efficient! She talks a lot, wants to lead everyone, but is always beside her pumps. And she stuck with the dress style she probably loved so much in the 70s! (laughs) “

“She has no mischief, she is a good person,” continues Sylvie Léonard. She talks all the time; when we arrive for a coffee, if Francine is in the area, we have 15 minutes! And not everything she says is always interesting, but she does it with an immense zest for life. No one can hate it, but it gets heavy at the end! ”

Anti techno

Under the good advice of director René-Richard Cyr, Sylvie Léonard says he is working meticulously on the composition of his Francine, a social media manager … completely overwhelmed by technology. Like the one who embodies it, sneers the main interested party, who stays away from virtual exchange platforms and is content to send emails.

“His voice, his demeanor, his costume, his language, his accent … It’s so funny !, gets carried away Sylvie Léonard. To go from Madeleine, who was very rigid, elegant, and to go towards this kind of character, it’s a very nice surprise. “


It will be understood, with this new distribution, that the new “Camera Café” will not pick up where comedy left off in 2012, when it left the airwaves of TVA after 10 years on the air.

None of the old characters, once played by Martin Matte, Pierre Brassard, Stéphane E. Roy or Julie Ménard, will be of this second life, and the new protagonists will not have “equivalents” in the previous version. We start from scratch, without changing the basic concept of the show, explains Louis Bolduc, producer at Encore Television.

“It’s the same format, that is to say the camera hidden in the coffee machine, which unwittingly captures the discussions between the different employees. But each character will have their own DNA. And we will still be in a company of which we do not know what it makes (laughs). ”

Even if “Camera Café” remains the adaptation of the French meeting of the same title, the sketches will still be based on original texts, well to the taste of 2020. We have been looking for young alert feathers, in sight in the middle of humor currently – including Julien Corriveau and Sonia Cordeau (“Les Appendices”), Justine Phillie (Korine Côté, “Rue King”) and Richardson Zéphir (“La Maison bleue”) -, which are added to the old truck drivers François Avard and Daniel Gagnon (script-editors, who formerly wrote the texts for “Camera Café”) to ensure a current tone.

“A lot of things have happened in eight years,” notes Louis Bolduc. The phenomenon of social networks, the #MeToo movement, teleworking, a pandemic … There was an upgrade to be made to offer a “Camera Café” well of its time, to have a good mirror of the society of today.”

Without mask

The project to bring back “Camera Café” – an ideal formula to allow filming with social distancing, with a single recording location – having taken shape during the containment of last spring, there will be a tad question of the pandemic, but not constantly , notes Louis Bolduc.

“People don’t wear masks, we are not in the context of a pandemic. There might be a time when the concierge explains the new office sanitary rules, or it could be about an employee who is often absent due to telecommuting. It will be subtle. We did not want to give ourselves this straitjacket, and people do not want to be told about the pandemic all the time. ”

Two seasons of “Camera Café” will be shot in one go starting at the end of October, at the MELS studios in the Saint-Hubert borough, in Longueuil. The premiere will be on the air on TVA this winter.

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