Ottawa goes astray by betting on Ontario

Pierre Karl Péladeau believes that Ottawa is on the wrong track by betting hundreds of millions of dollars in Ontario rather than Quebec.

What do you think of the fact that Ottawa has just injected $ 295 million in Ford’s Oakville Ontario electric car plant?

We are funding the Ontario auto industry and we are not funding the economy of the future of electric mobility here in Quebec, when it is Quebeckers who were the pioneers. […] It is a strong trend. Once again, Quebecers are ahead. However, the federal government ignores this expertise and this willingness to engage.

Do you think Quebec will be able to do well?

Will the government of Quebec have the courage, the vision, the expertise and the talent that René Lévesque and Jacques Parizeau have? These people have made a significant contribution to the economic and hydroelectric development of Quebec. Mr. Lévesque nationalized the activity and made it a national asset, a national pride. Meanwhile in Ottawa, we are taking our money to invest it in a Ford plant in Oakville.

How do you see Quebec’s ambitions with the lithium industry?

It’s good to make announcements. We all know the toga effects of politicians, but that is not what makes a policy. It is not because we have a minister who makes separations that we will have a real policy. I understand that he is very interested in making airships, but are we all too much everywhere? I still have the Cirque du Soleil transaction in mind. How do you get involved in supporting a multi-billion dollar American business?

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