Mazda MX-5: soft top or hard top?

On the eve of retirement, I am looking for a car whose sole purpose will be to give me pleasure. I am considering getting a new Mazda MX-5. On the other hand, I hesitate between a version with a soft top and a hard top. What do you think?


Hello Réjean,

If you’ve ever driven a current generation Mazda MX-5, you know that it is one of the purest driving modern cars around. Short and light, it is surprisingly agile. For the pleasure of driving, you are at the right address!

In addition, let us remember that since 2019, the small Japanese roadster has benefited from a gain in power. Indeed, the cavalry of its small naturally aspirated four-cylinder 2.0L engine has grown from 155 to 181 horsepower. Although it was enough before, we never deny ourselves a few extra horses.

As for the roof, the purists, with whom I join, will tell you to opt for the soft roof. The latter opens or closes in an instant – literally, because one hand is enough to complete the exercise. It’s hard to imagine a more user-friendly system.

As for the hardtop that comes with the MX-5 in RF version, we have to admit that it gives it a cute look. On the other hand, when the time comes to replace the electric mechanism, it will be necessary to dig deeper into its pockets than to replace a traditional soft top.

Although you might think otherwise, the MX-5 RF is still quite noisy when the top is up.

Also, it is important to know that the price difference is considerable. In fact, in its soft-top version, the MX-5 starts at $ 33,100 and this amount climbs to $ 37,100 for a GS-P version. As for the MX-5 RF, you have to spend at least $ 40,100 to get a copy.

In closing, we definitely recommend that you choose the manual transmission. Staged on six gears, it contributes greatly to the pleasure of this cute little convertible.

In video: Antoine Joubert gives his opinion on the Mazda MX-5

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