Headphones for better sleep? Why not!

Stress, fatigue, caffeine, pandemic, the list of sleep disorders or simple difficulty falling asleep is very long.

And I’m no exception, I occasionally use the Relax Melodies or Thunderspace, and Pillow apps to track my sleep with the Apple Watch.

Sensing a very promising market, the specialist in audio products Bose went further by designing a pair of button earphones (Sleepbuds) which have only one goal: to help you better fall into the arms of Morphée.

With the Sleepbuds, no music, no phone calls – these headphones only serve to provide better sleep all night, every night.

While the first generation of Sleepbuds are several years old, the very recent second brings a new battery that is supposed to last all night, more powerful transducers and a larger library of sounds. For its part, the case gives three additional charges.

In these little headphones designed to stay in your ears all night long, Bose incorporates noise-masking technology to isolate your sleep from snoring, traffic, and conversations in the apartment or next room.

Bose Sleep app

In addition to masking sounds, the tip provides passive blocking of external noise, can we read on the French site of Bose. The manufacturer did not choose to use one of its active noise reduction technologies offered on its other products.

To use these earbuds, the Bose Sleep app is required to get the list of relaxing and masking sounds and to download new ones. On the website’s web page, it is possible to listen to a dozen samples of relaxing sounds.

According to the site, the product is so requested that it takes three weeks to ship.

Speaking of shipping, because of the pandemic and the mad demand for online shopping, it is expected that a “logistical hell” is expected in the coming weeks until Christmas.


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