GDPL: A Great Walk to resume good habits

The Great Walk of the Grand défi Pierre Lavoie will take place this weekend across Quebec and will take a different formula in these COVID-19 times to encourage people to move at home, in complete safety.

Indeed, for this 6th edition, Quebecers are invited to walk five kilometers alone or with their family, in their neighborhood or on trails. Once the challenge has been met, they can complete the “I walked” form on the site to testify to their participation.

A few hours before the first day of the event, which will take place on Saturday and Sunday, October 17 and 18, more than 41,000 walkers were already registered. This enthusiasm delighted Pierre Lavoie, who himself was a great fan of walking.

“Walking is the easiest way for everyone to keep their body healthy. In the current situation, you cannot bring people together in events, but you can bring them together in other ways. The important thing is to be in the action. ”


This year, the goal of La Grande Marche is to encourage Quebeckers to get back on their feet, a bit like they did in the spring during the first confinement. Many of them were then walking the streets of their neighborhoods.

“We can do the same thing again and keep this habit during the winter to better get through this episode, both physically and psychologically,” said Pierre Lavoie.

“We need to find places where we have space and the outdoors is the best place. Now that we are re-fining, I think it’s a great way to regain freedom. The exterior is one of the solutions. It is a place that must be exploited more. ”

According to Pierre Lavoie, the time is ideal to reintegrate walking into your daily life before the onset of cold weather.

“There is nothing better than to slowly begin to get used to the weather conditions in the fall and, slowly, you get through winter and you realize that you can enjoy the outdoors. , regardless of the temperature. It’s a routine to install. ”

In order to set an example and encourage Quebecers to invest in their health, more than 400 family physicians have pledged to walk this weekend.

Several public figures will also participate in the event through webcasts, hosted by Josée Lavigueur, which will take place live Saturday and Sunday at 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. on the website Vincent Vallières, William Deslauriers, Andréanne A. Malette and Brigitte Boisjoli will also be there, in music.

  • Quebecor is the action partner of the Grand défi Pierre Lavoie

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