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For seven months we have been living in confinement which varies from moderate to extreme, according to the requirements of Public Health.

For many, the question is decided with the precision of a laser: containment is essential and must last until the arrival of a vaccine. Period !


The problem is that counselors are seldom the payers.

Promoting health extremism is easy when you can work from home, the salary continues to be paid and the progression of the pension fund is assured. It’s easy when you know that the rent will be paid, that the fridge is well stocked, and that you can escape to a chalet in the countryside.

But the enviable situation of the containment ayatollahs is the exception, not the rule.

The reality is that unemployment and the uncertain recovery have plunged entire populations into poverty and insecurity. Thousands of small business owners have lost a lifetime’s job. Others squandered their meager savings to avoid sinking. Family and social ties were broken. Isolation, fear and the apocalyptic atmosphere have multiplied mental health disorders.

If the confinement made it possible to avoid contamination, it also destroyed many lives.

Moreover, a WHO special envoy, Dr David Nabarro, denounced confinement as the main measure to fight the virus. What if he’s right?


So far political issues and ideological and emotional considerations have influenced decisions.

However, given the complexity of reality, the Prime Minister should not be nodding off from anyone. On the contrary, he must act as a leader and analyze, coldly and transparently, the advantages, disadvantages and collateral damage of confinement for all Quebecers. Too many people have too much to lose to do without this exercise!

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