The 125 songs of Damien Robitaille

Damien Robitaille is having fun. He’s uploaded 125 covers and versions of his songs since the start of the pandemic. It ranges from the Beatles to the Beastie Boys to the theme of the show The simpsons.

An adventure that began on March 16, alone at the piano, with the piece Insulation found on the first solo album by John Lennon and the Plastic Ono Band.

Pieces that he uploads to his Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram and on his YouTube channel. It also offers short clips on the TikTok platform.

“The watchword here is to have fun and give myself a challenge. It must be fun, ”he said in a telephone interview.


He took over, among other things, Bohemian rhapsody by Queen, Good Vibrations Beach Boys, Mamma mia by Abba, The Macarena, Pyramid Song by Radiohead and Jump by Van Halen to name just a few. His most recent recovery? Dreams by Fleetwood Mac.

His version of Sabotage, of the Beastie Boys, was his most popular with 1,800 Facebook “likes”.


The choice of parts is made with a few criteria.

“I have to find the right song. It can also be something unexpected or that refers to the news. I also have special requests, as was the case with Van Halen. I didn’t know much about this band, I was wondering what I was to do and Jump has appeared, ”he said.

Damien Robitaille can spend several hours preparing these interpretations. “I have to learn to play them, learn the lyrics and coordinate it all, with the addition of the drums which increased the level of complexity. When I want a break, I take a song out of my repertoire, ”he laughed.

He admits to having had big challenges with the voices of Bohemian rhapsody and with Korean lyrics by Gangnam Style.

After integrating the guitar, the recorder, the harmonica and the violin, Damien Robitaille recently got his hands on a trumpet. To be continued.

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