Lehouillier believes that restaurants should reopen

The mayor of Lévis believes that restaurants should be reopened, while requiring strict compliance with health instructions.

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Gilles Lehouillier believes that the government will have to deploy more targeted measures to fight against the spread of the coronavirus. “At the government level, we will have to develop approaches where coercion will have to be very targeted,” said the mayor of Lévis, on the sidelines of a press briefing on Thursday.

“I am convinced that we could reopen the restaurants on the express condition that all the instructions are respected. However, we should intervene to close any restaurant that does not respect the instructions. Right away.”

The mayor believes that the methods will have to be reviewed after October 28, the deadline set by the CAQ government for containment measures in the red zone, where the Capitale-Nationale and Chaudière-Appalaches are located.

Rather than targeting sectors of activity, he proposes to target the recalcitrant. He stresses that several businesses fully respected the instructions and were not places of transmission.

He thinks that we can no longer close entire sectors. “Everyone is in agreement. We will quickly reach a consensus on the fact that the recalcitrant must close. ”

He fears the long-term consequences for entire sectors of the economy.

As for sports infrastructure, he did not want to comment. “On that, we prefer to let the experts go.”

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