Lara Fabian opens up like never before in her documentary

Lara Fabian delivers herself like never before in the documentary simply titled “Lara”.

Available today on Club illico, this film paints a revealing portrait of the artist

The artist with 20 million albums sold takes us behind the scenes of her world tour that she produces, “50 World Tour”, to mark his 50th birthday.

“It’s the way it’s put together, the content is developed. They really told it so well. I think the moment you see me come on stage in New York, you say to yourself: “Ah, she won’t sing after all this!” Says the singer-songwriter.

In addition to witnessing this frenzy that surrounds Lara Fabian, we also discover Lara, the one who, in addition to being a singer, is also a woman, a wife and a mother.

“In fact, these are small everyday scenes, but we rarely get the opportunity to have, like that, in a documentary about a star of Lara’s caliber. Then, to have these little moments, it’s really precious, ”explains Jean-Philippe Dion, executive producer.

The documentary takes us to great, exhilarating moments, but also to great moments of disappointment and others, more difficult.

“And we said a lot there! We did not “skim”. There is no condescension either ”, assures Lara.

The documentary is available at all times on Club illico.

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