Junior Ulysse against Mathieu Germain!

We remember the famous Super Six tournament organized by the Showtime network. The winner was André Ward in the final against Carl Froch. We will have the Super Four over the next few months in a tournament between the four 140 pounds Eye of The Tiger.

Yesterday, we proceeded to the draw of the fights and on November 21 in Rimouski (formerly New Hampshire) Yves Ulysse will face Mathieu Germain. Starting. The other fight will oppose Steve Claggett against David Théroux.

Ulysses against Germain will be dynamite. And I don’t know if David Théroux will be able to hold his own against Claggett. But the Quebecer will have the opportunity to progress as he will face the other two boxers in the coming months. In addition to the regular scholarships, the winner will receive a bonus of $ 50,000.


In the semifinals, Simon Kean will recover from his back injuries against Stan Surmacz.

He’s one of those boxers fighting at the Shaw Convention Center in Edmonton for Mel Ludovac. Fast for a heavy, strong, tough head, Surmacz will not be a rug Simon Kean will wipe his feet on.

In Kean’s case, it’s all about focus in a fight. If he fears an opponent, he is better focused, he does not get lost in his thoughts and gives a better fight.

We saw it against Ada Braidwood and during the rematch against Dillon Carman. Surmacz would have to give him a big “boo!” When the referee will give his instructions.


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