Drama in Wendake: the accused did not follow all the treatments offered

Michaël Chicoine, accused of the murder of two toddlers in Wendake, has been followed several times for mental health problems, confirms a report prepared by the CIUSSS and obtained by The newspaper. The mother of the accused maintains that her pleas for help went unanswered, but the document draws a very different conclusion.

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In a moving open letter to the media, Mylène Chicoine, the mother of the accused, delivered her pain and the incomprehension of her son’s gesture, in addition to mentioning that he tried to commit suicide after a depression.

She does not hide the mental problems from which her son suffers. But she feels that the necessary support never came.

“Despite the hospitalizations, despite our requests for him to receive the appropriate help, the support received was unfortunately not sufficient or adequate. “

“His family doctor tried very hard to get him the right help, but the doors closed. The only follow-up he got was a phone call, on one occasion, from a psychiatrist, which lasted barely ten minutes. The specialist then prescribed medication for her, without further consultation, ”she says.

A document from the CIUSSS de la Capitale-Nationale prepared in the aftermath of the Wendake tragedy and obtained by The newspaper indicates that interventions were proposed to Michaël Chicoine, but that they were not often followed up.

It is confirmed that Michaël Chicoine had been known to the services since 2013 and relates three separate requests.

The two most recent episodes have occurred in the past year and a half. The 2019 request was closed after “3 reminders made” and remained unanswered, can we read in the report.

“In 2020, Mr. Chicoine was seen in crisis monitoring, telephone reminders in the COVID-19 context were carried out and a therapeutic group offer was made. The latter would not have followed up and did not join the therapeutic group offered, ”says the report.

“In all the interventions made by professionals with Mr., nothing foreshadowed a risk for him or for others requiring the application of custody with regard to the user to treat him against his will”, concludes the ‘organization.

The newspaper attempted to obtain comments from the accused’s mother to the information in the report, but was unsuccessful.

Michaël Chicoine was accused on Sunday of the second degree murders of two brothers, aged 2 and 5, whose identity protected by a publication ban.


“I have no words to express my son’s gesture […] NEVER, never would I have thought that Michael could have been a danger to anyone and that he would commit the irreparable. “

“Michaël was already known for mental health problems related to major depression and God knows he asked for help on several occasions. […] He has already attempted his life. “

Friends of the mother launched a crowdfunding campaign on Gofundme entitled ” In memory of the two rainbows of Wendake “.

A commemorative walk “in memory of the little angels of Wendake” will take place this Saturday at 2 pm in the streets of the Huron community. Due to the pandemic, only “residents of Wendake and the surrounding area” are invited to attend and the event will be broadcast live on social networks to allow everyone to participate virtually.


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