Brooks Koepka has come a long way

After missing out on two months of activity with knee and hip injuries, Brooks Koepka will return to the PGA Tour this weekend at the CJ Cup, played at Shadow Creek Club in Las Vegas.

The 30-year-old American, already named twice player of the year on the circuit, did not skimp on the means to be able to resume competition this fall.

In an interview with the official PGA website, Koepka revealed that he once again used injections of stem cells to promote healing in his left knee, whose patellar tendon was partially torn. He had used this type of treatment in 2019, for the same injury.

He also had cortisone injections to his left hip after suffering a partial labral tear during the PGA Championship.

Koepka played six tournaments in pain before finally retiring from the FedEx Cup playoffs and then the United States Open. However, his injuries kept him from performing well on the Greens this season, as he only recorded two top 10s and fell from No. 1 to 11 in the world.

“This is the only reason why I played so badly”, launched Koepka, who assures to feel today “a million times better”.

“I didn’t know how bad I felt until I finally got better. It’s good to be back, ”he said.

“At the Memorial tournament (in July) I was at my worst and at the PGA Championship I was not feeling well. After that, it gradually got worse. I had other injections three weeks ago in my knee and then in the hip, in Boston, he explained. I’ve spent the last month doing rehab every day in San Diego and trying to get better. ”

Although he only started hitting balls about ten days ago, he already has only one idea in mind.

“Winning is the goal. I know that physically I will be able to walk four rounds and that will not be a problem for me. From there, the idea is just to play and win. ”

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