“All agents in Hollywood watch ‘Call my agent'”

She is the first American guest of Call my agent, where she plays her own role in Season 4: Sigourney weaver, the Ripley of “Alien”, tells AFP to have accepted without even reading the script, as she is a fan of the series.

Screened at the end of the Canneséries festival, the first episodes of season 4 of Call my agent will be broadcast Wednesday, October 21 on France 2, while the first three seasons are available on Netflix, which made this French series known to the rest of the world on the world of actors’ agents.

Question: Did you know Call my agent before you are offered to play an episode?

Reply: I think every actor in America is watching this show. I like the fact that she brings down the walls between the actors and the audience. She explores behind the scenes to give an idea of ​​who you really are on screen and shows how human they are with all their worries. It’s done in a lovely way, the cast is great, it’s very well produced and I was delighted to be asked to join this group because I think they are great actors.

It was one of the directors of the series, Marc Fitoussi, who sent me the script with an invitation to play my own role. As a huge fan of the show and of France, I haven’t even read it to be honest. I just said yes.

Q .: To what extent does the Sigourney of Call my agent, which notably carries a feminist message, looks like the real Sigourney?

R .: She is the cliché of what people can imagine of me or of an American star, that is to say very arrogant, a little impetuous… But beyond that, it was the opportunity to show the real work of an actor. It was fun playing around with those shots to reveal the real actress. I almost learned from this character, who uses his power to get things, I don’t do that in reality. I had a lot of fun playing this glamorous creature.

On the post we’re all used to seeing very old male lead roles with very young women as companions, it’s kinda ridiculous, we should have laughed at it for a long time. We are used to this being accepted when an older actress with young men, that necessarily means that he is a gigolo, that he is there for the money, that will inevitably affect the script and I find it very old fashioned.

There is always a lot of ageism in Hollywood but as an older actress I find that I get sent a lot more scripts where I have a real role. Before when you were an elderly actress, you were only sent supporting roles.

Q: Does your agent look like Andréa Martel, your agent on the show?

R .: My two agents are wonderful, they are men, they have taste when it comes to scripts, but they are not at all like the adorable agents of the show, I will never call them on a personal issue. I’m sure watching the show, like all Los Angeles agents do, is uplifting for them to see how involved and caring these French agents are.


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