Alain Dumas in mourning for his father

Host and singer Alain Dumas is in mourning for his father, who died in still unclear circumstances after being reported missing for a few hours in Sorel-Tracy.

According to the Sûreté du Québec (SQ), the body of Jacques Dumas, 84, was unfortunately found unconscious in the Richelieu River on Wednesday at around 4:30 pm His death was then pronounced at the hospital.

Joined by The newspaper in the early evening, Alain Dumas confirmed that the victim was indeed his father. He was not, however, ready to comment on the circumstances surrounding his death.

The octogenarian had been missing since Tuesday. He was last seen around noon at his residence on rue George, in Sorel-Tracy.

An SQ notice mentioned that he traveled on foot and that his relatives had reason to fear for his health and safety.


An autopsy will be performed by a coroner on the body of the deceased. The investigation continues to clarify the last moments of Mr. Dumas.

According to the weekly The 2 Rives, who spoke with the director of the Résidence Soleil Manoir Sorel a few hours before the sad discovery, Jacques Dumas would not have informed anyone of his exit.

The headmistress did not understand the events well, saying that he was “a lucid man who is used to going out”.

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