A “Quebec City” final at the Francouvertes

Where are the best young musical artists in the province? In Quebec, of course! The proof: the three finalists of the Francouvertes 2020 are all from the capital, a first in the history of this competition intended for the next generation.

At the end of the semi-finals, which were held from Monday to Wednesday, Ariane Roy, Narcisse and Valence deserved their pass for the grand final which will take place on November 2.

“It’s flipped,” exclaimed Éric Lefrançois, director of Ampli, a musical training center that has given wings to the careers of several artists from Quebec, including Hubert Lenoir, Maude Audet and Lou-Adriane Cassidy. .

Ariane Roy and Narcisse, the project of Marjorie Pedneault, have also made their classes in the Pro section of the Ampli.

Ariane Roy

Courtesy photo

Ariane Roy

“I am not surprised by these results,” indicates Mr. Lefrançois. We can see the work they do to improve. They are focused on their project, their identity and they are always open to advice to improve different facets of their profession. ”


Humbly, Eric Lefrançois does not want to attribute all the credit for this exciting musical succession to the Ampli. He cites the assistance measures from the City of Quebec as well as the network of small venues that give artists the opportunity to take the stage among the factors that have helped launch several careers in recent years.


Courtesy photo


“There is an effervescence,” he notes, noting that established artists like Koriass, Millimetrik and Webster, who have chosen to stay in Quebec, are creating a ripple effect.

“It makes you want to believe that it is possible that it is happening in Quebec. These artists, they could be elsewhere. ”

Mutual aid

Another factor not to be overlooked: the spirit of mutual aid that reigns among the artists of the capital.

“Everyone wishes everyone success. Everyone has their own identity, so everyone thinks that everyone can be successful in their niche. ”

As for the result of the final, Éric Lefrançois diplomatically refuses to get wet.

“I love all three and they all have the potential to have a great career in Europe.”


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