The pandemic has had an impact on employee motivation

The health crisis linked to COVID-19 has the effect of demotivating workers in the country, according to a study by the firm Morneau Shepell, which speaks of almost four in 10 employees in this state.

Released Wednesday, the Toronto firm’s survey indicates that about 36% of Canadians said they had a harder time finding the motivation to do their job than before. In addition, 34% of respondents find it more difficult to concentrate at work than before the pandemic.

“Constant tension takes a toll on motivation,” said Paula Allen, senior vice president, Research, Analytics and Innovation, in a statement. A decrease in motivation can be a sign of emotional exhaustion. ”

According to Ms. Allen, two factors mainly contribute to this state of fatigue. First, there are people who often have a hard time balancing work and play, social contact and exploration.

Second, some people work more while others find that they are more tired due to worries about job security or the many sources of distraction, mental or situational, which add to their workload. existing work.

The online survey, conducted in English and French from August 21 to 30 among 3000 respondents in Canada, allows the firm to establish its Mental Health Index.

In September, this Morneau Shepell index deteriorated by 10 points compared to the benchmark score of 75 prior to the pandemic.

“Ignoring the mental health needs and well-being of [Canadiens] could in the long run compromise the resilience of the population, ”said Stephen Liptrap, President and CEO of the firm, adding that it is crucial to focus and even address the risks associated with isolation.

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