Thanks to a skateboarder on TikTok, Fleetwood Mac returns to the Billboard charts

A skateboard, cranberry juice and a communicative good mood: the recipe, unstoppable, allowed the British rock group Fleetwood Mac to return to the ranking of the best-selling singles of Billboard magazine with their song “Dreams”, à la favor of a video that went viral on TikTok and on social media.

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It all started at the end of September when a TikTok user known by the pseudonym doggface208 (Nathan Apodaca’s real name) filmed himself one morning on his skateboard, singing in “lipsync” “Dreams”, from the famous band of 70s rock, while drinking cranberry juice on the side of a road.

The video has been ‘liked’ over 8.6 million times on the social network and made doggface208 an internet star, with people touched by its story: the 37-year-old works in a warehouse in potatoes from Idaho (northwestern United States) was skateboarding to work when he filmed himself because his car was no longer working.

Above all, it allowed Fleetwood Mac to make itself known to the youngest and thus be listened to on streaming platforms – the group’s co-founder, Mick Fleetwood, even signed up on TikTok to pay tribute to doggface208, in skateboarding and cranberry juice in hand.

As a result, “Dreams” entered the 21st place on Billboard’s Hot 100 for the week of October 11 to 17, a ranking which it took first place in 1977.

“TikTok has already put old hits on the charts before … but never has such an old track bounced so high in the Hot 100”, alongside all the rappers of the moment, said journalist Tatiana Cirisano on the Billboard site.

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