Is the 2021 2.5L Subaru Crosstrek Worth It?

In 2016, I got a Subaru Crosstrek that I really liked. I find the vehicle a bit slow, but I haven’t given it a thought so far since its all-wheel drive has done me a great service. I understood that a slightly more powerful engine was going to be available for the new year. Is it worth it?


Hello Sylvie,

In fact, Subaru enhances the Crosstrek range by adding an Outdoor version for 2021 and The Car Guide tried it out in recent days. You can also view our full review of this vehicle right here.

This version features a 2.5L flat four-cylinder engine. Power and torque developed are 182 horsepower and 176 pound-feet, respectively. This is a significant leap since we remember that the 2.0L engine produces only 152 horsepower and 145 pound-feet.

Although it is not enough to tear off the asphalt, know that this gain is very appreciable and that we have the impression that we have a much more complete vehicle in the hands than before.

It should be noted that the version at the top of the range, the Limited, will also be powered by this new engine. In contrast, the Convenience, Touring and Sport versions continue to be powered by the 2.0L engine.

Given that this engine is used in a multitude of vehicles at Subaru, that it has been proven and that the encountered glitches have been corrected, we are told, we have no concerns in this regard.

Compared to your 2016 Crosstrek, you will also see an improvement in the overall finish quality of the cabin and the infotainment system.

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