Desolation in Wendake: the suffering of a mother

Last Monday, Michaël Chicoine appeared in court to face heavy charges related to the death of two children, one of 2 years old and the other 5 years old, living in Wendake. I am Michaël Chicoine’s mother. […]

However, today I am devastated, devastated by this tragedy […]

I have no words to express my son’s gesture […] NEVER, never would I have thought that Michael could have been a danger to anyone and that he would commit the irreparable.

I became aware of what is conveyed by the media as well as on social networks. I took it upon myself to provide you with the known facts regarding the services provided by our government organizations.

Michaël was already known for mental health problems related to major depression and God knows he asked for help on several occasions. I was on the lookout, despite our physical distance, for any signs that might indicate that he was not well, in order to refer him for help. He has already brought in his life. Despite the hospitalizations, despite our requests that he receive the appropriate help, the support received was unfortunately not sufficient or adequate: there was no place available for him at the University Institute in Mental Health of Quebec (the “Hôpital Robert-Giffard”) or the Quebec Crisis Center.

His family doctor tried very hard to get him the right help, but the doors closed. The only follow-up he got was a phone call, on one occasion, from a psychiatrist, which lasted barely 10 minutes. The specialist then prescribed him medication, without further consultation.

Michaël did not consume any drugs or alcohol […]

The process towards healing and forgiveness seems unattainable to me. My heart is broken forever […]

I thank my Innu family for their prayers, their solidarity and their sharing, as well as all those who sent us their expressions of sympathy.

I love you, my boy!

Mylène Chicoine, mother of Michaël Chicoine

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