Barron, son of Donald and Melania Trump, also tested positive for COVID-19

WASHINGTON | Barron Trump, son of Donald and Melania Trump, has also tested positive for Covid-19, the First Lady of the United States announced on Wednesday, specifying that he had since been negative again.

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“Barron is fine”, simply indicated shortly after Donald Trump, asked about his youngest son (14) when he left for Iowa where he is due to participate in his third campaign meeting in three days, 20 days from the election.

In a text entitled “My experience of COVID-19”, Melania Trump, who, like her husband, had tested positive two weeks ago, also announces that she is also now negative.

Communication from the White House and the President’s doctor, Dr Sean Conley, has been particularly opaque and confused since the start of October, fueling questions.

“I encourage everyone to continue living as healthy a life as possible,” writes the “First Lady” in her post on Twitter.

“A balanced diet, fresh air and vitamins are really essential to keep our bodies healthy,” she adds, also emphasizing the importance of “compassion” and “humility”.

For Donald Trump and Joe Biden, the next big campaign meeting will take place on Thursday, but it is not the one expected.

Their debate having been canceled, they will respond live on television to voters, but each on a different channel.

NBC News reported that the Republican president will face voters for an hour in Florida Thursday night at 8 p.m., as his Democratic opponent undergoes the same type of exercise in his home state of Pennsylvania on a competing channel, ABC News.

These two key states were won by Mr. Trump in 2016 and are expected to play a central role in the outcome of the November 3 ballot.

Hearing war

American political tradition, the “town hall” is a live television program during which a panel of voters, under the supervision of a moderator, questions a candidate.

The audiences of these two meetings will be particularly expected before being compared, while the vast majority of polls give Joe Biden the winner.

For health reasons, for fear that Mr. Trump is still contagious (he has since been declared negative for COVID-19, after a rapid test), the independent commission responsible for organizing the debates had initially decided that it would be virtual .

A format categorically refused by the tempestuous leader, who stood out by constantly interrupting, and aggressively, the former vice-president of Barack Obama during the first debate at the end of September.

The third debate is still scheduled for October 22 in Nashville, Tennessee.

On Thursday, Donald Trump and moderator Savannah Guthrie will respect social distancing and attendees who came to ask questions of the White House tenant will wear masks, NBC said.

Dr Anthony Fauci, one of the US government’s leading experts on the coronavirus, said the president “is no longer transmitting infectious viruses,” the channel added.

Obviously full of energy and keen to show that he has beaten the virus, the 74-year-old Republican once again insulted his opponent on Tuesday evening, calling him mentally “burned”, before tweeting a photomontage of the 77-year-old Democrat in wheelchair, in a hospice.

Mr. Biden, who strictly respects the instructions of the health authorities, unlike his opponent, remained in his home for a long time during the pandemic, before stepping up his campaign pace a little and resuming travel.

According to the latest Quinnipiac University poll, the veteran of politics leads the polls in Georgia with seven points ahead of Donald Trump, and the two are neck and neck in Ohio. Two states won by the Republican billionaire in 2016,

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