The obelisk of Pierre Poussin in Dundas and Carlaw

It is interesting to note that this project is personal for the artist since he is a former resident of the place.

The maps he has chosen are listed in chronological order from bottom to top: 1851, 1884, 1899, 1923, 1947, 1959 and 2016.

Looking at it more closely, I understood why this work meant something to me. The maps used represent the evolution of the very recognizable triangle of Jimmie Simpson Park, in front of which I live!

The Variegation Courtyard by Pierre Poussin.

While you are there

One block west of the obelisk, be sure to admire the giants of the German duo’s magnificent mural Herakut. We are really lucky to have one of the works in Toronto that is part of their major international project.

Within the framework of Giant Storybook Project, artists have traveled the world to paint pages of a giant storybook. Montreal also has a ledger page on Papineau near Rachel Street.

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