The French have found their Fanny

The French have found their Fanny … or rather their Leah. Romane Jolly will star in the French adaptation of Runaway, which got underway yesterday.

Romane Jolly will star in the French adaptation of Fugueuse.

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Romane Jolly will star in the French adaptation of Fugueuse.

Little known in France, the actress inherited the role thanks to which Ludivine Reding became a star in Quebec. She will give the reply to Willy Cartier, who will play his pimp, alias Damien / Bone (Jean-François Ruel) in the original work. Former face of Givenchy, this 29-year-old dancer and model has paraded for Jean-Paul Gaultier and Chanel.

Model Willy Cartier will play the role of the heroine's pimp, better known as Damien in Quebec.

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Model Willy Cartier will play the role of the heroine’s pimp, better known as Damien in Quebec.

Intended for TF1, the first channel in France, this new version of Runaway also counting on Sylvie Testud and Michaël Youn, who will camp Léa’s parents (Lynda Johnson and Claude Legault in Quebec). Julie Depardieu will play Camille’s mother, the friend Léa will drag into this downward spiral.

Filming began in Champigny – sur ‐ Marne, near Paris. They will be spread over three months, between the City of Light and its suburbs.

Filming began on Monday.

Gilles Gustine / VEMA PRODUCTION

Filming began on Monday.

Long-term work

Reached by phone, the Quebec producer of Runaway, François Rozon, talks about timely news, since it comes at the heart of a difficult year for the television industry due to the coronavirus.

“It is the culmination of a long process, of several trips back and forth to France … He is a villain kick ! »Commented the president of Encore Television.

Some minor changes have been made to the initial script since, failing to stretch over 10 episodes, this adaptation will have six episodes of 52 minutes each. Particular emphasis will also be placed on the police investigation, since the French public is crazy about intrigues of the genre, says François Rozon.

Our series are popular

Signed by Michelle Allen (L’Echappée), the first season of Runaway achieved great success at TVA in 2018, sensitizing 1,600,000 Quebecers to the sexual exploitation of young girls.

Directed by Jérôme Cornuau (The mystery of the lake), its French version is produced by Vema Production, the company behind the adaptation of another series by Michelle Allen, For Sarah. Broadcast in 2019, the latter was a hit on TF1, rallying more than 4 million viewers.

TF1 obviously loves our fictions, since this fall, he is also filming the adaptation of Plan B.

A “carrier” subject

According to François Rozon, Runaway could bring down several prejudices in France, as it did in Quebec.

“Runaways are not necessarily girls who come from poor backgrounds. It can also be girls from loving families who have never wanted for anything. It’s a strong and promising subject, because it can happen to anyone. “

The international career of Runaway continues to be in full swing. The United States have just renewed their option, proof that an American adaptation is still possible.

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