Michèle Piuze accused of having carried out illegal medical acts

The owner of the MP Medic clinic, Michèle Piuze, faces five criminal charges before the College of Physicians for illegally practicing medicine.

According to preliminary information provided by the Investigations Department of the College of Physicians, a client first went to the MP Medic clinic, on Maguire Street, for tattoo removal.

However, it seems that the intervention that occurred on May 27, 2019 caused “serious harm” to the client, who then gave a report to the College of Physicians.

Following this information, an investigator from the CMQ was appointed as a “false client” to meet Ms. Piuze and obtain information on tattoo removal procedures.

This investigation led to the laying of charges last June for “acting in a manner which gave reason to believe that she was authorized to practice medicine” and for “having practiced medicine illegally”.

Since the Medical Law stipulates that “all techniques presenting risks of harm, including aesthetic procedures, are acts reserved for the doctor”, five charges were filed.

Among these, Ms. Piuze is accused of having “diagnosed the diseases on the person” of the investigator who appeared before her under a fictitious name, as well as having “determined the medical treatment” during consultation.

On the MP Medic website, Michèle Piuze says she has 35 years of experience in the field of aesthetics.

She indicates that she has a nursing diploma in aesthetic medicine, specifying that it is a “title that does not exist in Canada”.

It is added that “Michèle Piuze is also endowed with an in-depth knowledge of treatments for skin problems by having undergone a new training” with a dermatologist from Florida.

Ms. Piuze is liable to heavy financial fines if found guilty since the Professional Code specifies that each offense is punishable by a minimum fine of $ 2,500, but can reach $ 62,500, in addition to costs.

Ms. Piuze responded to the call from Newspaper, but preferred not to comment during the proceedings. The criminal case will come back before a judge of the Court of Quebec at the courthouse in November.


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