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Dear Honorable Blaine Higgs, I am writing to you about your total loss of the French-speaking vote during the last provincial elections which took place on September 14, 2020. I am a French-speaking native of the regions in question, so I have a not only valid opinion and which reflects the needs of the day, but which is also based on hundreds of years of history of my people in Canada.

It is astonishing that you attribute your loss of the French speaking vote to political reasons only. It is essential that you know the real reasons, and not those which are in the media. However, it is a pity that you do not speak and read French. You are a unilingual anglophone premier for the only officially bilingual province in Canada. This is one of the causes, but I warn you to also consider the following facts.

When you cut services for snow removal, road repair and infrastructure; health services as well as hospitals; budgets for all levels of education, from junior school to university and college; and that you have the recklessness to ask directly what francophones expect from their provincial government: all these reasons describe why you lost our votes. You don’t even recognize that French is not only a language, but a people. Acadians and Métis.

Wake up, Mr. Higgs, for the youth will one day ensure that their needs are met. Language is a physical barrier that you have created for yourself. You are Premier of New Brunswick, the only bilingual province in Canada. Go back to school to learn French. This would be a good start.

Nadine martin

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Victoria Smith who hails from Toronto, Canada currently runs this news portofolio who completed Masters in Political science from University of Toronto. She started her career with BBC then relocated to TorontoStar as senior political reporter. She is caring and hardworking.

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