Princess Diana, most beautiful woman of royalty

Beauty may be subjective, but the fact remains that a famous mathematical formula used in ancient Greece to assess the perfection of faces enshrines Princess Diana as the most beautiful royal figure.

The former wife of Prince Charles, who tragically died in a road accident in 1997, collects nearly 90% in this beauty test carried out by plastic surgeon Julian De Silva, according to the British daily Daily Mail.

Used during the Renaissance by none other than Leonardo da Vinci to design his mythical work “Vitruvian Man, this test based on a mathematical formula interested the plastic surgeon who used it to classify women of royalty around the world.

This equation takes into account the measurement of facial features, their relationship to each other and their symmetry.

If the Dr de Silva achieves such a result, in part it is because of the near perfection of Diana’s forehead and eyebrows.

“Mirror, mirror, tell me who is the most beautiful”, perhaps implored the evil queen in the films of Snow White.

But if Diana had acceded to the throne and had lived long enough to see her sons marry, she wouldn’t have had to be jealous, always according to the famous Greek scale.

Still, her daughters-in-law, Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton, also have a remarkable face.

The Duchess of Sussex, the first mestizo in the British royal family, collects 87% for her pretty face, in fourth place, ahead of Prince William’s wife by one point.

Elsewhere than in the UK, the Dr De Silva highlights the exceptional beauty of Queen Rania of Jordan, who scores almost the same score as Diana, in second position.

“Queen Rania is the most beautiful royal personality alive and an incredibly attractive woman. She had the highest marks of all for her classically shaped chin and also had a high mark for her lips, ”he commented, in an interview with the Daily Mail.

Unsurprisingly, the legendary Hollywood actress Grace Kelly also scores well in the third place ranking. The one who had married Prince Rainier of Monaco got an almost perfect mark for the positioning of her eyes.

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