Four suicides in one month: Indigenous community declares state of emergency

An Indigenous community in Manitoba declared a state of emergency on Friday following a new wave of suicides.

According to Global News, four members of the Sioux Valley Dakota First Nation have taken their own lives in the past month, including three in the past week.

In a letter to ministers responsible for Indigenous affairs in the province, as well as to Ottawa, the band council of this nation of barely 2,000 souls decried the lack of resources and pleaded for urgent help.

First Nation leaders also noted that the situation has been problematic since January.

They believe the pandemic has made matters worse.

“The sanitary measures hinder our ability to conduct a process of mourning and cultural and traditional therapy for the health and safety of the community,” it is written in the resolution voted by the band council on Friday.

The office of Federal Indigenous Services Minister Marc Miller confirmed to Global News that $ 141,000 has been sent to the First Nation to provide mental health assistance.

An emergency team is expected to arrive in the southwestern Manitoba community on Wednesday, it was also reported.

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