District 31: a dazzling entry for Jean-Denis Beaudoin

Conspiracyist, semi-automatic weapon in hand, Jean-Denis Beaudoin made a dazzling and remarkable entry into District 31.

The Quebec author and actor drew attention in the role of the disturbing and disturbing Yan Gadbois. A young man who has nothing more to lose and who believes that a small group of people, all powerful, control the world. He broke into a massage parlor with a semi-automatic weapon and shot dead five people.

This is a significant first TV presence for the 29-year-old.

“Lucie Robitaille, responsible for casting, gave me a chance and trusted me, even though I have very little TV experience. She offered me this role without going to audition. It could have been a disaster, but I think luckily I got away with it. I had a lot of fun doing that, ”he said in an interview.

The comments following his performance were rave on the Facebook page of District 31.

“The second I read the texts, I immediately saw that it was for me. I’ve always loved playing the bad guys and the bad guys. They have a deep home, wounds and often they decide to act. They take control of their destiny and, obviously, for the worse. And in District 31, Those are the bad guys that drive action forward, ”he noted.

The author of the pieces My children are not afraid of the dark, Grocery and Devoured admits to having been shaken when he read the texts of Luc Dionne.

“I found it violent and it stirred me up. It is a sensitive subject, ”he mentioned, referring to the rise of conspiracies,

Fears and anxieties

Jean-Denis Beaudoin specifies that there is always a line to be drawn between the character and the actor.

“The Yan Gadbois of this world scare me. I am the complete opposite of this character. My job, me, as an actor, is to defend this guy and to do justice to the text. I have to find this darkness in me and leave my values, my positions, my fears and all that I am behind me, ”he explained.

The author and actor loves horror. He often defended black and dark figures on the stage and this experience helped him to camp Yan Gadbois.

“Digging and getting that darkness has always been easy for me. It was also so well written and I knew what I had to do from the start. We need, as a society, to purge our fears and our anxieties and hence the brilliance and daring of Luc Dionne. He dares to put on the screen delicate subjects, our faults and those who have fallen into the cracks so that we can think about it, put our finger on what is wrong and, ultimately, avoid the worst ”, he said. he let it go.


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