Developments on COVID-19 of October 10

Whether in Quebec or elsewhere on the planet, the COVID-19 pandemic is disrupting our lives.

Here you will find all the news throughout the day related to this crisis affecting the population, governments and the economy.

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Case: 37 093 412
Recovered: 25,764,201


Case: 7,716,659
Dead: 214,366
Recovered: 3,062,983


Quebec: 85,191 cases (5,950 deaths)

Ontario: 58,490 cases (3,004 deaths)

Alberta: 19,995 cases (282 deaths)

British Columbia: 10,185 cases (245 deaths)

Manitoba: 2,524 cases (32 deaths)

Saskatchewan: 2,068 cases (24 deaths)

Nova Scotia: 1,092 cases (65 deaths)

Newfoundland and Labrador: 282 cases (4 deaths)

New Brunswick: 258 cases (2 deaths)

Prince Edward Island: 61 cases

Yukon: 15 cases

Northwest Territories: 5 cases

Nunavut: 0 cases

Canadian returnees: 13 cases

Total: 180,145 cases (9,608 deaths)


9:32 pm | Trump is no longer contagious, says doctor

Donald Trump is no longer contagious, his doctor Sean Conley said on Saturday, nine days after the US president tested positive for Covid-19.

19:35 | Red zone: Cégep Garneau reorganizes its mid-term exams

As the Quebec City region is still in the red zone, Cégep Garneau indicated that most mid-term exams will be done at home rather than in class.

19:24 | Its objective: to motivate young people to follow health rules

The hashtag: J’embarque is the new offensive of a young woman who has decided to do her part in the fight against COVID-19.

7:11 pm | No more telework for British Columbia public servants

As Quebec and Ontario reconfigure, provincial officials have instead been ordered to return to the office in British Columbia, where the pandemic has wreaked havoc.

6:49 pm | Are public health instructions followed?

The government is asking people in red zones more than ever to avoid traveling to other areas. But did people listen to the Prime Minister?

6:17 pm | Health measures in schools: students send a letter to the Minister

Exasperated by the health measures put in place, a group of high school students and their French teacher decided to send an open letter to the Minister of Education, Jean-François Roberge.

5:25 pm | A new antibacterial glass

A Rivière-du-Loup company has just developed an antibacterial glass that could have many uses due to the current pandemic.

5:21 pm | Coronavirus: Brazil is preparing to exceed 150,000 dead

Brazil surpassed the threshold of 150,000 deaths from the coronavirus on Saturday, nearly eight months after the first case appeared, as the number of daily deaths continues to slowly decline.

4:57 pm | Nearly 27,000 new cases in France, a new record

The number of new cases of COVID-19 in France hit a new record on Saturday with nearly 27,000 positive people in 24 hours, while the increase in the number of patients in intensive care continued, according to figures released by Health public France.

4:22 pm | “Every gesture counts,” says Minister Dubé

Quebec still has more than 1,000 cases of COVID-19 and is still experiencing an increase in hospitalizations. In addition, new sectors will soon be in the red zone.

3:29 pm | Most schools in Montreal should close, says Harvard guide

Schools in the Outremont borough should already have closed their doors, while those in Montreal-North should prepare for it, according to the recommendations of a model established by Harvard University.

3:18 pm | World Mental Health Day: A Challenging Year For Canadians

World Mental Health Day on Saturday came against a difficult backdrop as a second wave of coronavirus disease hits the country.

13:36 | Part of the Outaouais will pass into the red zone

The City of Gatineau and the MRC des Collines-de-l’Outaouais will move to red as of Sunday.

13:34 | Trump to hold meetings in Pennsylvania and Iowa next week

US President Donald Trump, recently hospitalized after a coronavirus infection, will hold two additional election meetings next week, his campaign team announced on Saturday.

13:33 | Over 180,000 cases of COVID-19 in the country

The health crisis leaves no respite for Canadians from coast to coast to coast to coast enjoying the Thanksgiving long weekend.

13:22 | Synthetic Antibodies to Trump’s Rescue

Although clinical trials are still ongoing, the lab-made antibodies to treat COVID-19 already seem so promising that they have even convinced Donald Trump to receive an experimental treatment.

Cure race

AFP Photo

1:15 p.m. | More than a third of pregnant women experiencing stress and anxiety during the pandemic

More than a third of women who gave birth during the pandemic have experienced a lot of stress and anxiety as a result of the restrictive health measures, a report released on Saturday revealed.

13:01 | Two coronavirus outbreaks at the Enfant-Jésus hospital

The Enfant-Jésus hospital in Quebec City is struggling with two coronavirus outbreaks with at least a dozen employees and twelve patients who have been diagnosed positive for the disease.

Archive photo, Jean-François Desgagnés

12:47 | Justin Trudeau speaks with Donald Trump

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau spoke by phone with Donald Trump on Saturday morning to discuss issues relating to the pandemic, in particular.

11:50 am | Hundreds of thousands of mink infected with COVID-19 slaughtered

Denmark has started a campaign to slaughter hundreds of thousands of mink due to the COVID-19 epidemic in many farms, the result of a government compensation plan closed on Wednesday.



11:45 am | “Get vaccinated”, advises a doctor

A doctor invites Quebeckers to do their part to avoid an influenza crisis in the midst of a pandemic. “Get vaccinated,” advises Dr Gilbert Boucher.

11am | 1097 new confirmed cases in Quebec

– 85,191 people infected (+1097)

– 5950 deaths (+14)

– 444 people hospitalized (+11)

– 73 people in intensive care (+6)

– The samples taken on October 8 amounted to 28,773, for a total of 2,613,424.

9:09 am | Brazil set to exceed 150,000 dead

Brazil is expected to exceed the threshold of 150,000 deaths from the coronavirus on Saturday, nearly eight months after the appearance of the first case, as the number of daily deaths continues to slowly decline.


8h | New restrictions expected in UK

New restriction measures are expected to tackle the spread of the new coronavirus in the UK, where Prime Minister Boris Johnson is due to detail his strategy in front of MPs on Monday.

7:24 am | Quebec asks hunters for help to curb the spread of COVID-19

While new sectors will move to the red level with maximum alert as of Sunday, the Ministry of Forests, Wildlife and Parks has issued an important reminder concerning hunting activities.

hunting in the plains

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5:30 am | Fighting action for COVID patient # 1

On February 25, the rail crisis was in full swing in Quebec with railways blocked by Aboriginals in Kahnawake, Sherbrooke and Gaspé. The Canadian lost in front of 21,187 spectators at the Bell Center. COVID-19 was only a distant threat with cases in Italy, Iran and China.

What we did not know at the time was that a patient presented to Verdun hospital with symptoms of the disease. This was patient number 1. Our Investigation Office obtained exclusive access to the team that took care of her. Here is the story of the first case of a disease that shocked Quebec.

5:15 am | Montreal CHSLDs are little affected by COVID-19

In a reversal of the situation, the second wave of the coronavirus has so far practically spared the CHSLDs and retirement homes on the island of Montreal, while it is raging in the rest of Quebec.

5h | Soon reopening of archaeological sites closed due to the virus

Peru will reopen to visitors on October 15 several archaeological sites in the Andean region of Cuzco, closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, but Machu Picchu will have to wait until November at best, announced the Minister of Culture.

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