An inexplicable “oversight”

My arms fall to me.

Really, I’m hallucinating.

Never in the history of Quebec has a government made decisions that have such an impact on our daily lives.


And is there nothing in writing? No minutes of discussions between the Prime Minister and the director of public health?

Everything is done verbally?


Explain to us someone!

Three weeks ago, my wife and I moved to a complex with around 20 condos.

A few days after our move, the annual meeting of the co-owners was held.

We did that – respect for social distancing requires – in the indoor parking lot.

At first, the secretary read the minutes of the last meeting. It was approved by a show of hands.

Then the president of the Association of co-owners presented us with the budget for the expenses of the current year.

Maintenance work, exterior painting, place to store bikes, etc.

It lasted five hours.

A clerk on site wrote down everything – the slightest exchange, the slightest question …

And after the meeting was over, she went home and cleaned it up on her computer.

We are talking here about a meeting of condo owners !!!

And you tell me that there is NO written record of the discussions that the PM and the Director of Public Health had during THE MOST IMPORTANT CRISIS QUEBEC HAS KNOWN ???

Do you want to laugh at me?

Capital importance

Sorry, but I want to know what the Dr Arruda proposed to Mr. Legault during the meetings they held in recent months, and what Mr. Legault chose to rule out, and for what reasons.

How were decisions made?

On what basis?

What did the director of public health propose? Was he presenting a range of measures to the Prime Minister?

If so why ?

Are you telling me that there is no written record of all these discussions?

I repeat: I’m hallucinating.

It seems to me that is the least of things …

We are talking here about meetings and exchanges of capital importance, not to say historical!

The right to know

Pascal Bérubé, ex-interim leader of the PQ, calls for a public inquiry into the management of the crisis. I support it 100%.

Not because I don’t trust MM. Legault and Arruda.

But because I want to know how the decisions were made which, for the past seven months, have had a direct impact on my life, that of my mother and that of my children.

I have the right to know.

We have the right to know.

We have reached 6000 dead!

How far has Public Health led politicians by the nose?

How to explain this incomprehensible about-face on the wearing of the mask?

Why was the movement of personnel in CHSLDs not banned?

Thank you, Mr. Bérubé!

By the way, while I am talking about Pascal Bérubé, I would like to thank him for the admirable work he has done at the head of the PQ.

I would have liked him to introduce himself, but he decided otherwise.

It is his right.

But I’m sure he would have been a great chef. He has demonstrated it time and time again.

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