My life in films: Nicolas Girard Deltruc and “the philosophical force of cinema”

The director of the Festival du nouveau cinema (FNC) and his team had to face major challenges for the 2020 edition which runs until October 30. Nicolas Girard Deltruc takes stock of the past few months while sharing his passion for the seventh art.

“What I find interesting is the obligation that we have to question ourselves and try to see things from another point of view,” he says optimistically of the current situation.

The challenge for the FNC this year was to find a solution to maintain the planned activities, in compliance with sanitary measures. This is how the idea was born to screen the opening film, “Souterrain” by Sophie Dupuis, on a parking lot at YUL Montréal-Trudeau International Airport, transformed into a drive-in drive-in.

“We will perhaps operate a monthly cycle of films that do not have a distributor here,” he adds. In the emergency and in the context, we find ourselves having to move forward by taking a little more risks. But it makes things progress. ”

Nicolas, what is your first memory of a movie theater?

My very first film, my very first memory, dates from when I must have been 4 or 5 years old. I went to see “Rox and Rouky” on the big screen. I only saw him once and I was not able to see him again, it so overwhelmed me. I was so sad! Back then, Disney movies were super sad and depressing!

Your first landmark film?

My first landmark film dates back to when I really started to get interested in cinema. The two directors who have been a great discovery for me are Alain Resnais and Ingmar Bergman. In Resnais’s case, it was “My Uncle from America”. This is where I understood the philosophical strength of cinema, the question of introspection. I come from a family that worked in psychiatry and it has always fascinated me since I grew up in it. Even today, I can almost draw a psychological and even psychiatric portrait of a director when his work is too personal. When we watch Nicolas Winding Refn’s films, we see that he has problems with his mother and in the themes he addresses, we say to ourselves that if he had not made a film, he would be a killer in series.

A film that traumatized you as a child?

It’s memorable and I don’t know when exactly. I think it was when my parents bought their first VHS and praised “The Elephant Man”. I remember very well putting the tape on and couldn’t watch it for more than 10 minutes. To this day, I have never been able to see “The Elephant Man” again. I have a blockage.

Who was your first “kicker” on the big screen?

It’s Liv Ullmann! And I had the chance to meet her in Cannes!

The soundtrack of your adolescence?

These are those of restored films. The restored version of “Metropolis” with music by Giorgio Moroder. I’m a huge fan of melodious and orchestral electro music, and one of the few movies that I can watch over and over is the restored version of “The Man with the Camera” by Dziga Vertov with music from the Cinematic Orchestra. It’s a delicacy … the music has been thought down to the second near each image.

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