Jonathan Marchessault fears leaving Vegas

Jonathan Marchessault does not hide it: he is afraid of being traded. The Quebec striker firmly wants to stay in Las Vegas, but he is ready for all eventualities.

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“In the situation the Golden Knights find themselves in, everyone is afraid of being traded aside from Mark Stone and Shea Theodore. It’s a great team and a great city. I don’t want to leave a winning team like this. But, on the other hand, it’s out of my control. So I shouldn’t worry too much about it, ”he told TVA Sports on Friday evening.

One thing is certain, if he were in the place of his boss, Kelly McCrimmon, Marchessault would not trade!

“I’m someone with a good head on my shoulders, so I’m able to analyze the situation. If I were the general manager of the Golden Knights, I wouldn’t trade! It would be a bad decision on his part. But you never know in the hockey world. ”

“I didn’t think the Panthers wouldn’t protect me in the expansion draft or that Gerard Gallant was going to get fired. Hockey is an uncertain world, so you have to be prepared for any eventuality. ”

The first of several changes?

In addition, Marchessault qualifies as “big loss” the departure of his teammate Paul Stastny, traded to the Winnipeg Jets just before the opening of the free agent market, Friday morning.

“It’s a big loss. It’s boring to see him go like that, but it’s part of the game. Paul was doing so many good things for us, both on and off the ice. He’s a real professional. We have lost a good leader. ”

He expects to see more changes over the next few days.

“We knew there would be changes. So that didn’t really surprise me. I also think there will be others. ”

The name of Marc-André Fleury immediately comes to mind. The Quebecer will probably not be back in the gaming capital of the world in 2021.

Not a source of distraction

On this subject, Marchessault assures that the saga of the goalkeepers with Robin Lehner was not a source of distraction in the last playoffs, where the Golden Knights were eliminated in the final of the Western Conference by the Stars of Dallas.

“It didn’t bother us because we have a strong squad. The distraction came mostly from the media. We knew that Marc-André was unhappy with the situation, but it’s the coach who makes the decisions. ”

“These are two excellent goalies who are still with us now. It creates great internal competition. Whether it’s Marc or Robin in front of the net, all players are confident. “

It’s really not their fault the Golden Knights lost, he said.

“Our problem in the playoffs wasn’t with the goalies, but more with the fact that we weren’t able to score goals and weren’t good enough on the power play.”

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