COVID-19: Canadian couple refused at US border

A couple from British Columbia found themselves in quarantine Thursday after crossing the Canada-U.S. Border as they tried to reach their residence in Mexico.

According to Global News, Barbara Moller and her partner John Granthowse wanted to drive to their residence in La Paz (Mexico), where they live half the year, across the United States.

The couple have legal residency in Mexico and expected to cross the border smoothly. However, the American agent denied them access and asked to return to Canada.

“We were told that due to COVID-19, they wouldn’t be able to know where we are going in the United States and that they would have no way of following us,” John Granthowse told Global News.

When they returned to Canada, a border officer explained to them that they had to respect a 14-day quarantine period. The couple could receive a fine or jail time if they don’t comply.

“We were in the United States for almost less than a minute. We never got out of the car and we wore our masks, ”Barbara Moller told Global News.

In a statement to Global News, the Canada Border Services Agency said the restrictions imposed by the Quarantine Act apply to anyone entering the country, regardless of their length of stay outside. .

The couple, who have confined themselves to their residence in British Columbia, could lose their residency in Mexico, as their papers must be renewed in person by October 23.

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