An autumn under the sign of variety

It is rare that an event paralyzes the world of television. There have been strikes which slowed down the process or limited the length of a season at certain times. But the pandemic put the key in the doors of all studios in the spring. And not just here. If fiction took longer to get back on track and that distance still prevents the filming of certain series, varieties occupy a prominent place. Here are some new features or revisited concepts to clear our minds a bit.

In turn

Marie-Ève ​​Janvier leads this nostalgic and convivial meeting where two artists who have shared a common project revisit their outstanding roles. Distancing fits the concept very well.

◾ Monday 9 p.m. at TVA

Family jewels

Shot in front of a small audience on a terrace this summer, this warm variety hosted by Charles Lafortune intertwines stand-up humorous and interviews on a unifying theme: the family.

◾ Sunday 8 p.m. starting October 25 at TVA

In studio

Between The voice and Star Academy, this novelty hosted by Marc Dupré highlights the talent of members of the public who wish to share a story with their loved ones. Renowned musicians will allow them to record a song that marked a moment in their life that they will share with us.

◾ Sunday 7 p.m. starting October 25 at TVA


Patrick Huard receives three personalities in a warm loft with whom he talks in a friendly atmosphere. These interviews are interspersed with his observations on camera and fictional sketches that give the pulse of what is happening in the building. Hard to explain, but it works great and makes for some entertaining moments.

◾ Monday to Thursday 7:30 p.m. at TVA

Tonight we char

The drive-throughs were used for the presentation of shows this summer. Dominic Paquet and Philippe Bond host humorous meetings in front of lit headlights and an audience happy to take part in this mini-festival. Each show features a bunch of beloved comedians.

◾ Sunday 9 p.m. on Noovo

The next stand-up

Marie-Lyne Joncas animates this large stage where young (sometimes not so young) comedians try to win the title of the next stand-up. Louis Morissette, Mariana Mazza and PA Méthot deliver their comments. It is an opportunity to see new faces and to dissect certain codes of humor.

◾ Thursday 8 p.m. on Noovo

OD with us

Reality TV occupies an important place at Noovo, as on the big American chains. This time, the trips are to Quebec, which makes it possible to discover it if it has not already been done. And Captain twists, Jay Du Temple, is present with his twists to keep us captive.

◾ Sunday to Thursday 6.30 p.m. on Noovo

Live from the universe

One of the first shows we saw in the context of a pandemic last spring. Despite the distance, the meeting hosted by France Beaudoin remains as warm, moving and surprising as ever.

◾ Saturday 7 p.m. on ICI TÉLÉ

Everybody talks about it

Live since the start of the pandemic, this Sunday meeting is a must to take stock of the week and reflect on its challenges. The presence of a musical artist is welcome for the community as for our soul.

◾ Sunday 8 p.m. on ICI TV

Good evening !

Since the spring, Jean-Philippe Wauthier has held the helm of a daily meeting which has adapted very well to the situation. More substantial interviews, bright collaborators, a video conference coffee with our elders and performance artists, a formula that is now installed in weekly mode with pleasure.

◾ Friday 8 p.m. on ICI TÉLÉ

The wow effect

Sébastien Diaz leaves plenty of room for culture and artists in this event redesigned from a distance, but whose very cinematographic style is still as creative. The arts community is largely suffering from COVID-19 while the arts are a balm for the soul.

◾ Friday 10 p.m. at ARTV

There are people at mass

Christian Bégin leads this evening, always well articulated, where it is good to discover different people (guests who are always interesting) around a theme. Despite the distance, the choir is present to enhance the meetings and accompany a musical artist.

◾ Friday 8 p.m. at Télé-Québec

This year

The show adapted very well to the situation with a small set of musical chairs to ensure distancing. Even without an audience, we still offer a beautiful showcase for culture in a friendly and entertaining setting. And what about the tasty parodies of Marc Labrèche which are going viral!

◾ Saturday 8 p.m. at Télé-Québec

Dancing with the Stars

New host, Tyra Banks, lighting redesigned to compensate for the absence of the public, judges in distancing, professional dancers in solo quarantine and star dancers tested daily, makeup-hairstyle teams dedicated to each duo, catchy themes, this is what we are ensures a safe and surprising 29th season.

◾ Monday 8 p.m. on ABC

American Ninja Warrior

Here, all the participants and the craftsmen of this competition were quarantined under the dome where the event takes place. The entire season was filmed in just 8 days!

◾ Monday 9 p.m. on NBC

The Masked Singer

This is the ideal concept to avoid the spread by droplets: the mystery singers are not only masked, they are mascots! To go about the design of the show, all artists, singers and dancers follow their training by videoconference in order to limit their presence in the studio. The judges are at a distance.

◾ Wednesday 8 p.m. at Fox

I Can See Your Voice

New format hosted by the friendly Ken Jeong where six secret singers must mystify a participant by making him believe that he sings well. Everything is easily done in distance. Unusually, the production uses footage of an audience that was recorded in advance during the single pre-pandemic episode.

◾ Wednesday 9 p.m. at Fox

Big brother

Last winter, the participants of this reality show were not even aware of the pandemic that was growing outside their walls. As is the case with OD, Love island, or any other show of the kind, the candidates were all in quarantine before entering the famous loft and they spend all their time there without outside contact. It’s the 22nd season that’s currently on the air.

◾ Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 8 p.m. at CBS

The Bachelorette

Singles from The Bachelorette must forget, pandemic obliges, helicopter trips in idyllic landscapes to remain cloistered in Palm Spring. This reality show is normally shown alternately with Dancing with the Stars programming. For the first time, these big guns are in the same alignment.

◾ Tuesday 8 p.m. on ABC

Weakest Link

The pandemic made it possible to bring back this format animated by the much loved Jane Lynch. Eight participants must team up to collect the most prizes in each round. They take turns to answer general knowledge questions. A classic formula, but which allows for distance.

◾ Tuesday 8 p.m. on NBC

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