“We must put culture in the foreground” – Philippe-Audrey Larrue-St-Jacques

This year, the Journées de la culture are spread over one month, until October 25. Interview with the friendly Philippe-Audrey Larrue-St-Jacques, who talks to us about the programming, in addition to giving us his news.

Philippe-Audrey, you are co-spokesperson, along with Mélanie Maynard, for the Journées de la culture 2020. What made you accept this mandate?

I find it wonderful that such days exist, and even more so in times of pandemic. We really have to put culture at the forefront. This year, the Journées de la culture are spread over a month in order to avoid large crowds and to allow people to visit places of activities without risk. There are over 2000 free activities in over 200 towns and villages. There is no lack of choice! Personally, I can’t wait to see Make Your City, an activity for which artists will do artistic projections on different buildings in different cities. There is also the #CovidartQc project, where scientists and artists have produced works related to COVID-19. It will allow us to take an artistic look at it. There is something for everyone, whether in person or virtually.

You mentioned COVID. How are you at this particular time?

Things are going well. Spring was painful: when everything suddenly came to a stop, I wondered what I was going to do with my life. It was hard, but now things are better. I experienced COVID like the fashion for poke bowls: at the beginning, it’s fun, then at one point, we say to ourselves: “Well, that has its limits …” So confinement and poke bowls is enough! (laughs) Having said that, I think it’s important to follow the instructions. I am not one of those who refuse to wear a mask! It has to be done, but I can’t wait to find the spontaneity of my life before.

What have you been doing in the past few months?

Surprisingly, I did something unrelated to humor: poetry capsules on the internet. It opened a beautiful door, since there will be a sequel to that. Otherwise, I worked a lot on what will be my second show, and I also developed a project for the web. So for me it was a different time of creation. And, recently, I have also started doing shows again. It feels good.

Did you cancel a few?

Yes. I also had to go to France to present my show, test new material and meet producers, but it was postponed until I don’t know when. I went there to confirm the possibility of having a pied-à-terre there, possibly. I would like to go there, not to conquer a new audience, but because France is a little part of me, since many members of my family are there. They’ve never seen me on stage, and I really wish they could do it at least once. I go there every year and spent most of my childhood summers there. I am very familiar with this country, and I hope to be able to return there soon.

You are single right now. Is it difficult in times of COVID?

(Laughs) One thing for sure, confinement hasn’t changed much to my love life! I don’t know if it’s because I’m a “loser” or if it’s a preventive measure … Seriously, the hardest part was not seeing my parents for a few months. Otherwise, I am a guy who tames solitude well. So not having a girl in my life while in lockdown was okay. On the other hand, I made several unnecessary expenses on the web because there was no one to control me. I had the impression of reliving my CEGEP, when I had no girlfriend and that I did nothing with my life. (laughs) But it was very positive, since I write a lot in solitude and silence.

The Journées de la culture continue until October 25. For more details: journeesdelaculture.qc.ca. To follow the comedian’s activities: philippe-audrey.com.


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