Three heartwarming projects for the Periscope Theater

With the closure of performance halls imposed by the government, the Periscope Theater is offering three projects for the month of October. Heartwarming projects.

Braked halfway, the part The apple tree, which took place in front of a few spectators, in the yellow bus of the Ubus theater company, will live in a completely different way.

The whisper of the apple tree – a singular luminous and benevolent sound work ”will give a voice to the public, to creators and to shadow workers.

This compilation of lyrics, reflections and music will be available for listening, from October 13, on the website of the Periscope Theater.

It will also be possible to access this work through the social networks of Periscope, Ubus Théâtre and Pupulus Mordicus.

On October 13, at 4 p.m., Marie-Hélène Gendreau, artistic director of Périscope, invites the public to a virtual talk, where she will talk about theater creation. This activity will take place during the Journées de la culture. It’s free and you have to reserve your place at the address .

The Periscope also brings the initiative back to life In the hollow of the ear where artists phone people to read excerpts from them.

This project will allow 120 new people, between October 14 and November 14, to be read for about twenty minutes. The cost is $ 15 and it pays the participating artist-readers. You can reserve your time slot on the site

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