Like in the good old days

A completely broken interview. Jean-Charles Lajoie in the middle of the screen could not place a word. Which is an achievement in itself. Cut the word to “JiCé” must be done.

Francy Ntetu and David Lemieux will face each other tomorrow night in Shawinigan. In a bubble, behind closed doors, without an audience and with the television cameras of Punching Grace and Indigo.

The two guys were not on Jean-Charles’ show to sell tickets, there are no tickets to sell. At most, they could sell pay-per-view TVs in Indigo, where we could buy the evening’s fights.

No, the two Quebeckers have messed things up because they are two French-speaking Quebecers, they trained together and COVID forced Camille Estephan to organize fights between Quebecers and between Canadians.

I’m going into a bubble in Shawinigan and I have the same feeling as when I went to the Center Paul-Sauvé in Régis Lévesque’s time.

Because they are two locals.

And that all their guts are involved in the fight. Language, pride, reputation, family, money and glory.


Francy Ntetu is a mature man. And brilliant. He is 38, he works in construction from 6 am to 2 pm, he eats his healthy lunch in his car between 2 pm and 2:30 pm, and he resumes training until 6:30 pm A Spartan life .

As a boxer, he only has 20 fights on the clock. It’s not much for a pugilist who has been professional since 2009. But he has faced big names in New York.

It is easily explained. Ntetu is a good guy. He found a way to get screwed a few times. Broken promises, broken contracts. Ntetu makes a living from his job at On Demoli, a construction company, and a bit of boxing. When a boxer needs a tough and ready training partner, he calls Francy Ntetu. As David Lemieux has done in the past.

During the interview with Jean-Charles, Wednesday, Francy Ntetu played so much in the mind of David Lemieux that the latter, annoyed and stung by a remark from Ntetu about his schooling, launched a challenge to say the least risky.

“If you’re still up after five rounds, I’ll give you my purse!” “


In fact, Ntetu couldn’t believe his ears. Nor Jean-Charles Lajoie. So much so that Less Fat “JiCé” asked Lemieux if it was serious.

It was. Besides, Ntetu was jubilant like a kid on the screen. He sang that he was rich now and thanked Lemieux. It wasn’t even arranged with the views guy.

And I’m telling you, Saturday in Shawi, we’re going to the Paul-Sauvé Center. See Marcotte-Melo, as in the heyday of yesteryear.

Régis, get out of this body !!!

Yesterday, I started by going around the speakers. Camille Estephan, promoter and mentor of David Lemieux. He will write the check and Lemieux will do whatever he wants with the money paid. As for the Régie des alcools, des courses et des jeux, the same scenario. The check is given to the Régie, which gives it to the boxers after the fight. If Lemieux has to honor a challenge, it will be up to him to do so.

Marc Ramsay was still so serious two days away from a fight. Him, he prepares his champions so that they are intense for 12 rounds if necessary. And it is not a challenge that will change anything in his work.

“David is on point. The long forced rest allowed her to heal her wounds. He respects his opponent, but David is a warrior, ”he summed up with a smile in his voice.

Moreover, Lemieux was in personal confinement yesterday. He didn’t speak to anyone or give an interview.


Francy Ntetu had a lot more to say. I would need a big two pages to sum up our conversation and to paint a rather fair portrait of this endearing man.

We talked about his childhood in Chicoutimi, his mother who died of cancer when he was 12 years old, his father who he wanted to impress so much that he got into fights at 12 in the yard. school, his second mother who is pastor in a Protestant church in the Montreal area, his career with amateurs and his hopes and disappointments with the pros.

He blames himself for his badly started fight against Erik Bazinyan which ended in a knockout defeat. But he’s proud of his life as a construction worker capable of carrying 500 70-pound bags and a boxer with a terribly small entourage.

In fact, it’s Ian Mackillop for the week and 10 rounds of sparring on Saturdays with Ronan St-Juste who form the whole team.

But before ending the conversation, he wanted to make one point.

“I learned in psychology what negative energy transfer is. When I asked about David’s education, I knew he would touch him. Then when he said he would give me half of his purse if I was up after five rounds, I won part of the fight. At the start of the sixth round, he will already have lost his purse. He is going to have lost his challenge. I’m going there to win, ”he said.

“It is written in the Bible that he who walks in the valley of death should fear only God. My valley of death, this will be the path that will lead me to the ring against David Lemieux. I will only fear God ”.

This was his conclusion for a fight that took a funny course.

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