Juliette Gréco: a love affair with Quebec

She passed away on September 23 at the age of 93. We will remember his deep voice and his intensity in interpreting his songs. And also of his many visits to us. Between the French singer Juliette Gréco and Quebec, there was a real love story …

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She can still be heard singing: “Tune, tune, give … alms to the accordion accordion.” The songs she has performed, “Undress me”, “Under the sky of Paris” and “Jolie môme”, are now classics. And she appropriated like no other the words of Serge Gainsbourg, Jacques Brel, Charles Trenet, Boris Vian, Charles Aznavour …

Juliette Gréco left to join her only daughter, Laurence-Marie, who died of cancer in 2016.

The great lady of the song has come to do her singing tour here on several occasions. Love was reciprocal between her and Quebecers. Juliette has also forged friendly ties with us.

“Dear Juliette, I was in love with your look, your daring and your beautiful irreverence! Watching you sing and be free, being both with your class and your casualness made me want to not deny myself anything in terms of interpretation. Let me remember your hands in mine. Go dance the Javanese with the men and women in your life. I love you, ”Isabelle Boulay wrote, addressing her as a friend on her Facebook page.

The French singer was also very friends with the host Monique Giroux. The latter paid him a nice tribute on social networks: “Sleep in peace so beautiful and great Juliet. You loved life so much. I love you so. It has been a very, very great privilege to share real bits of real life with you. You were so good at life before. ”

We still have her voice and her songs … Rest in peace, Juliette Gréco!


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