“I had the chance to continue working” – Marie-Louise Arsenault

Evolving in the media sphere for more than 25 years, Marie-Louise Arsenault is a reference in news media and literature. At the helm of the programs “In the media” on Télé-Québec and “The more we are crazy, the more we read!” On ICI Première, the host opens the door to her fascinating universe.

His show “In the media” recently won three Gémeaux awards in the categories of Best Direction, Best Social Magazine and Best Animation. Marie-Louise Arsenault says she is both honored and blessed to see her work rewarded in this way. “I am happy to see that we are supported by the people in the community. It’s a bit as if someone told me: “Go ahead, my dear, continue!” »

This is what she intends to do this fall on Télé-Québec, by hosting the fourth season of “In the media”, which promises to be the most captivating.

“In this period of a pandemic, people consult the news media and social media a lot more because they see each other less on a daily basis. In these circumstances, it seems essential to me to take a critical look at these media, which are the mirror of our world. Our goal, for me and my staff, is to teach people how the media work, but also what goes on behind the scenes. We are talking about power games, images and staging. In addition, we discuss with our guests the place they occupy in the media world as well as the advantages and disadvantages that this entails. We try as much as possible to do non-complacent interviews and offer viewers a different perspective. ”

Relevant collaborators

Marie-Louise Arsenault takes great pleasure in interacting with her various collaborators. “Animating ‘In the media’ is an opportunity for me to work with people I adore and for whom I have a lot of admiration and respect. This year, Noémi Mercier and Arnaud Granata are back. However, Raed Hammoud has decided to leave for his own reasons. He has just launched a hip-hop album (“Le pommier d’Ève”, under the artist name Sael, Editor’s note) and he remains a very good friend for me. ”

In addition, the host will welcome several newcomers this fall. “Journalists Monic Néron and Vanessa Destiné join our team to offer us different points of view. In addition, two new analyst duos will be at the rendezvous. First of all, Marie-France Bazzo and Amir Khadir will come to talk with us about the pandemic and many other social issues. For their part, Monique Jérôme-Forget and Luc Ferrandez, who are former politicians, will follow the American electoral campaign with us. We will also speak with them about international and municipal politics. ”

To feel useful

Outside of her television work, Marie-Louise Arsenault hosts the 10th season of “The more we are crazy, the more we read!” on ICI Première. This program has allowed him over the past decade to meet many authors and artists.

“I have a lot of gratitude to the public, who continue to follow us with enthusiasm. We are currently off for a new season, which will run until June 2021. “

The facilitator is lucky to never have stopped animating during the months of confinement. “In March, I had the chance to continue working. Listeners have confided to me that my presence on the air was like a beacon for them which gave them a semblance of normality in all of this. In all humility, I felt useful to them, and it is a pleasant feeling to experience. However, I found it a little scary in the evening when I returned home. I have no children and I missed my family. Working everyday meant that I didn’t have much time to think about it. ”

You can follow Marie-Louise Arsenault at the host of “In the media”, Thursdays at 9 p.m. on Télé-Québec, and of “The more we are crazy, the more we read!”, Weekdays from 1 to 3 p.m. h at ICI Première.


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