Gilbert Rozon sues Julie Snyder and Pénélope McQuade

Former humor mogul Gilbert Rozon sued hosts Julie Snyder and Pénélope McQuade for libel for their comments made about him on the show The week of 4 Julie.

The lawsuit, filed Thursday in Superior Court, amounts to $ 450,000.

“The statements are slanderous, vexatious and seriously defamatory”, it is written in the document of court, according to what reports various media.

On September 29, Julie Snyder hosted Pénélope McQuade as a guest on her talk show The week of 4 Julie. The two alleged victims of Gilbert Rozon discussed the denunciations and legal steps they respectively took against Gilbert Rozon in 2017, in the wake of the #MoiAussi movement.

Julie Snyder has detailed the circumstances in which she was allegedly assaulted more than 20 years ago by the founder of Just for Laughs. “I couldn’t say no to him, because it happened while I was asleep. […] I couldn’t say no since I wasn’t asked. ”

This television interview was “a planned, orchestrated and staged attack”, alleges the prosecution.

Formal notice

Shortly after the broadcast of this segment, Gilbert Rozon had sent the two hosts a formal notice asking that they retract, in vain.

That’s why he filed this lawsuit. The ex-boss of Just for Laughs strongly denies the allegations of sexual assault against him.

Gilbert Rozon’s rape trial will open next Tuesday.

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