“Children of TV” without an audience: “There is something even more intimate” – André Robitaille

Host André Robitaille, who is back at “Enfants de la TV”, has an autumn full of great projects, much to his delight. And even if holidays are not on his agenda, André Robitaille spends beautiful moments with his children and his lover.

The 11th season of “Children of TV” began on September 16 on Radio-Canada; this is the seventh for Édith Cochrane and André Robitaille, who this time have to deal with a set without spectators due to COVID-19.

“I can’t wait for the audience to come back to the studio, because it’s a lot of fun to hear people laugh and applaud, but since there isn’t any and we are between us, it makes that there is something even more intimate. Madness goes further, and confidence too, ”says the host.

In addition to the regular shows, there will be specials, including the one on Guy A. Lepage, during the season. The recordings will last until February 2021. As he was on the radio on ICI Première this summer, André did not have time to take a vacation.

“The holidays will be later. This fall, through the “Children of TV” recordings, I have time, so I’m writing. I work on projects. I am in the process of adapting a play. I’ve been working on a documentary film for two years. I am having fun in sports. I also take care of my lady. I’m great. I am a happy man! ”

His lady is his wife, Julie Boisvert, with whom he has been in a relationship for two years and who works as a researcher on the documentary “Dodo, le final act”, which will be broadcast on December 11 on Radio-Canada. We will see André Robitaille face to face with Dominique Michel.

Adapt to the new reality

Her children are also her source of happiness. His son, David, 25, is a producer for the Casadel company. “It is one of the first production houses to have adjusted to COVID by equipping itself differently and by modifying its working methods. The demand for contracts has exploded, so David is in the juice and he is happy. ”

His daughter, Lili (17 years old), has just entered CEGEP in arts, letters and communication. “His“ side effects ”, which are modeling and playing, is when it comes to him. She loves her student career, so she focuses more on her studies. ”

School life is different, however, with virtual lessons and wearing a mask in class. A reality that André Robitaille must also face by teaching, for the second year, physical play at the National School of Humor, since he gives face-to-face lessons, in front of half-classes where he and the students are hidden, and others on the web.

The program “Les enfants de la TV” airs Wednesdays at 8 pm on Radio-Canada.


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