A year full of services for FrancoQueer

FrancoQueer provided them with information on Canadian and Ontario society, on the services available, on their rights and obligations. Clients receive support to help them transition, settle and integrate smoothly, the organization’s annual report says.

FrancoQueer organized 13 settlement-related workshops in 2019-2020. Clients learned what services are available in the community and by the government. These workshops help beneficiaries make informed decisions about their integration in Ontario.

Arnaud Baudry, the president of FrancoQueer.

Still a lot to do

The 2019-2020 annual report takes stock of FrancoQueer’s 2019-2025 Strategic Plan. Three priorities are put forward: strengthening the operational capacities and long-term stability of the organization, developing the psychosocial well-being of LGBTQ Francophones and developing the capacity of organizations to offer adequate services to Francophone LGBTQ people. .

While the organization indicates that it has made some progress in these three areas, it still has work to do.

“As black people, racialized, indigenous, non-binary, queer, trans, living with a disability, placed at the intersection of multiple systems of discrimination, we have not yet achieved our liberation,” said in the report Arnaud Baudry, president of FrancoQueer.


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