3 QUB Music playlists for the weekend

No Thanksgiving dinner, no evening with friends: the Prime Minister has been clear, to break the second wave you will have to stay at home and avoid gatherings on this long weekend.

Here are three playlists put together by QUB Music that will be perfect to accompany you this weekend.

Want to make your kids listen to cool music from your childhood and dance like there’s no tomorrow? Bring the whole family together, turn up the volume of the sound system and dive head first into the rhythms of the 1980s.

Jean Leloup, Les Rita Mitsouko, INXS, The Police; everything to sway you.

The evening of Saturday promises to be rather gray, perfect for pouring yourself a glass of wine, settling in the living room and remaking the world with your sweet or your sweet.

To accompany your thoughts, you can trust Salomé Leclerc, Avec pas d’casque, Patrick Watson and Philippe B.

Sunny, but cool, Sunday will be perfect for a walk with the children, in the streets of your neighborhood, in the mountains or in the forest behind the house.

The Cowboys Fringants, Paul Cargnello, Brad Medldau and Neil Young will be there for you when you return. A reading list to enjoy in peace, a cup of hot chocolate in your hand.


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