The Car Guide Live from the Fat Brown – Episode 09

The Car Guide Live from the Fat Brown – Episode 09

In order to present the latest news in the automotive industry, Antoine Joubert and Germain Goyer were live on the The Car Guide’s Facebook page.

While Antoine Joubert’s usual Grosse Brune (a 1978 AMC Matador) was in the garage, the video was shot in a 1994 Oldsmobile Cutlass Cruiser SL, another wagon decorated with woodgrain!

In this ninth capsule, it was notably a question of life or disability insurance in connection with the financing of an automobile as well as driving experiences behind the wheel of the 1997 Porsche 911 Turbo, Lamborghini Urus and Chrysler 300. Regarding the news of the week, the following subjects were covered: the Subaru Crosstrek 2021, the end of the adventure for Michel Barrette and Les Trois Tilleuls as well as the development of the electric Ford F-150.

As usual, the hosts obviously answered questions from the public, including the future of the Nissan Titan, mid-size sedans (Toyota Camry, Subaru Legacy and Mazda6) as well as the Audi Q3.

If you missed the previous episode of Car guide live from La Grosse Brune, you can listen to it again by clicking here.

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