What should I replace my 2015 Mitsubishi Lancer AWC with?

What should I replace my 2015 Mitsubishi Lancer AWC with?

I bought a Mitsubishi Lancer AWC in 2015. It perfectly matched my criteria: a compact sedan with all-wheel drive. It is important to know that I live in the Laurentians where the snow is abundant. Since I travel approximately 35,000 kilometers, the odometer shows almost 175,000 kilometers. I am looking for a new vehicle corresponding to the same criteria. Knowing that the Lancer is no longer produced, which model should I turn to?


Hello Caroline,

You are quite right, Mitsubishi no longer produces the Lancer, which has nevertheless been very successful, mainly in Quebec.

Be aware that compact sedans to offer a four-wheel drive system are not numerous. That said, the Subaru Impreza seems to totally meet your criteria. This model, which represents the gateway to the Subaru universe, is equipped with all-wheel drive as standard. In other words, whether you opt for a Convenience version at $ 21,958 or a Sport-tech version at $ 32,758, it comes standard with all-wheel drive. Moreover, this system has largely contributed to building the reputation which the Japanese manufacturer now enjoys.

For your information, we point out that since 2019, Mazda offers a four-wheel drive version of the Mazda3. Mazda, on the other hand, only offers this feature for the mid-range (GS), premium (GT) and 10th anniversary version. In doing so, you have to spend at least $ 28,365 for a Mazda sedan equipped with the four-wheel drive system.

For the offer of all-wheel drive on the entire range of the Impreza and for its high efficiency, we advise you to turn to it.

Also note that both the Subaru Impreza and the Mazda3 are available in a hatchback version in addition to the sedan.


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