Friday , January 15 2021

The Delta hotel would drop its lawsuit against Quebec City

The owners of the Delta hotel in Quebec, who are contesting their tax bill in court because of the pandemic, would be on the verge of abandoning their appeal, says mayor Régis Labeaume.

Last fall, the Delta was the first in a series of hotel establishments that appealed to the Superior Court to demand a review of their municipal and school tax accounts, or even an outright cancellation due to the financial consequences of the health crisis.

Even if the Delta file is still active at the Quebec City courthouse, according to verifications carried out by The newspaper, Mr. Labeaume says he obtained verbal confirmation of the owner’s withdrawal during a recent telephone conversation.

“By the way, did you see that the Delta has dropped?” He slipped on the sidelines of a press briefing on taxation in 2021. “The owner of the Delta called me. He wanted to tell me that he was giving up but I explained to him that he did not have much choice because the law 67 was voted (…) Protests known as COVID, as the Delta wanted, it is not not possible under the law. ”

“When he called me the owner, he felt a little cheap (…) He wanted us to have good relations. He didn’t want people to talk about him too much, ”added the mayor of Quebec, who had not hesitated to publicly vilify him last December. “Me, I hate him and I will never agree with him, it is rude what he did”, he said at the time, visibly frustrated by the Delta crusade which made a mess of snow.

Other hotel owners, such as Le Concorde or the Grand Times, then imitated the Delta by filing similar motions in Superior Court, which are also still active.

At the time of this writing, it had not been possible to reach the new owner of the Delta, the firm DQC Corp. headquartered in Toronto, nor its lawyer.

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