Friday , January 15 2021

Sexual images shared during a class

A complaint for cyberbullying and distribution of sexual images has been filed with the Quebec police for acts allegedly committed against a young teenage girl during an online course at Saint-Jean-Eudes school .

From the start of online lessons last week, students from Saint-Jean-Eudes, a private establishment in Quebec, would have had fun making fun of a 13-year-old girl, in particular with obscene drawings on an image of the victim.

They would then have shared these elements on Snapchat and Instagram.

The school administration believes that it acted quickly and that sanctions have been taken, but the victim’s family considers that this is not enough.

The SPVQ confirms the filing of the complaint. The police officer is leading the case.

“Several students have seen these sexual images pass on social media and have even saved them on their digital devices. We do not want any arrests, as they are minors, but we do demand that the images be completely removed. We entrusted our child to school, and not to the Quebec police, ”explains the parent who believes in“ awareness in a safe environment ”.


Without trivializing the situation, principal Mélanie Lanouette mentioned that sanctions were taken immediately against the students concerned.

“We have to apply the anti-bullying protocol. We are linked from the formal complaint and the case is still under investigation. You have to be patient. It can’t be fixed in less than 24 hours, ”she explained.

According to the school principal, some incidents were foreseeable with the online courses.

“They have been warned. There is a code of ethics, but we expected it. They are young people. That does not mean that we tolerate all behavior. The teachers are trained and the parents are informed ”, concludes Mme Lanouette.

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