Friday , January 15 2021

Polluting emissions | US fines Toyota 180 million

(New York) Toyota on Thursday agreed to pay the United States $ 180 million for failing to follow the rules on how auto companies report problems with polluting emissions from their vehicles to authorities. This agreement puts an end to the lawsuits against the Japanese manufacturer, underlined, in a press release, the Department of Justice. Manufacturers are normally required by law to report potential faults and recalls concerning vehicle components intended to control emissions to the appropriate authorities. “For a decade, Toyota has systematically violated the regulations which allow the EPA (the United States Environmental Protection Agency) to verify that vehicles on the road meet federal emissions standards” noted Audrey Strauss, a prosecutor in New York where the charges were brought, in the statement. The fact that the group did not collaborate as planned with the authorities from 2005 until at least the end of 2015 “probably delayed or avoided recalls related to emissions, and thus led to financial profits for Toyota and additional polluting emissions. ”, She added. Over these ten years, Toyota has intentionally significantly delayed at least 78 times the transmission of information on a possible problem related to a component of the emission control system, details the press release. The group also failed to submit 20 reports of voluntary recalls initiated to correct emissions-related parts. Toyota has admitted responsibility for these facts. The lawsuits against the Japanese group are different from those brought against other manufacturers in the framework of the scandal of rigged diesel engines. The latter had erupted in September 2015 when Volkswagen admitted having rigged 11 million vehicles with software capable of making them appear less polluting during laboratory tests than on the roads. Volkswagen in particular had to pay some 22 billion dollars in fines and compensation to the United States for having equipped its diesel cars with software aimed at thwarting American pollution controls.

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