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Workshops for adults with anxiety disorders | VIVA MEDIA

For the winter season, two new features should be noted in the community organization’s schedule. Workshops are now offered and are online on the website

For the parents

Thanks to her experience with students and younger children, Chantal Besner has become a specialist in anxiety in children. She helps parents meet by videoconference two hours a week for four weeks. A first group begins on January 18 and another will be given in March. Please note that this workshop is free and that it is not necessary to have already attended a workshop with us to register. However, you must be a member of the Versant or become one by paying the membership fee.

Young adults

People aged 18 to 30 can benefit from a workshop called the Global Approach. Offered on a weekend, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., on Saturday February 20 and Sunday February 21, participants will be supervised by volunteer facilitator Pierre De Sève and social worker Nathalie Bernier. These will help eight young people, students, employed or not, couples with or without children, to take care of their anxiety.

Regular workshops

In this much different year, anxiety disorders are the most common of all mental health problems. The physical symptoms experienced seem to be more numerous, more difficult to bear and cause even more worry. There are many therapies that can relieve anxiety, the most effective being the cognitive behavioral approach and this is the one that Le Versant has adopted.

The number of places remains limited; a few remain in French and English for the session which begins the week of January 18. Otherwise, it is recommended to give your name for the waiting list for the spring session.

Versant services are offered to adults and adolescents from the Vaudreuil Soulanges and surrounding areas. This year, they are closed groups of a maximum of ten people. Regular workshops last ten weeks, two hours per week and are facilitated by former participants who know and understand anxiety disorders. An intensive two-day session is also offered at each session and this time it is reserved for young adults.

Sanitary rules

The Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Solidarity (MTESS) allows community organizations to continue their activities during confinement under certain conditions. However, the organization le versant decided to offer the workshops by videoconference from the second meeting.

To register, you are advised to do so on the organization’s website at It is also possible to send an email to or to leave a message at (450) 455-6171 ext. 70657.

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