Tuesday , January 12 2021

Ontario couple charged after testing positive for variant COVID-19

A Toronto-area couple have been charged with public health offenses after finding out they had contracted the variant of COVID-19 that originated in the UK, CBC News reported.

The couple had told public health in December that they had not had any contact with travelers, which was found to be false.

“Further investigation and follow-up to case and contact management revealed that the couple had indeed been in contact with a recent traveler from the UK, which is new information not provided in previous interviews,” said Ontario’s Ministry of Health reported in a December 27 press release.

With the case in court, the Regional Health Department in Durham, the area where the couple lives, have not clarified the charges.

The couple are due to appear next March.

In Ontario, testing for the B117 variant is only performed in exceptional circumstances, if the person has recently traveled or has been in contact with a returning person.


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